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Manifest the love you deserve.

Powerful exercises that will increase your feminine energy… and transform your love life with my scientifically proven methods.

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Courses and Coaching

one-on-one with shay

one-on-one with shay

Together we will resolve your most pressing love, dating and relationship challenges with undisputed, scientifically-proven strategies that will cause any man to fall for you within 30 days!

Starting at $249

diva university

diva university

 In this 12-month, self-guided masterclass facilitated with powerful LIVE training sessions, you'll learn how to use the formula to capture his heart and the commitment you're yearning for.

Starting at $2,700

BOSS Diva University

BOSS Diva University

This premium masterclass is designed for successful women who are ready to eliminate any and all "love-blocks" and attract a equally yolked soulmate.  #DestinationHusband

$15,500 and up 

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LET ME Guess...

  • Right now you feel that your love life has come to a grinding halt and this has left you feeling frustrated. 

  • You feel like you’re wasting your time on men who aren’t serious about you.

  • You feel as though everyone around you is finding their soulmate while you keep dating the same type of man?

This has left you asking yourself

"WHY am I not enough?" or "WHAT is wrong with me?"

The Negative self-talk ends NOW!...



hi there, I'm Shay

Are you ready to

find the love

you know you deserve?

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Shay is a masterful guide in the realms of the unconscious. With her assistance your move energetic blocks you didn’t even know you had! My session with her was very powerful.

This could be you....

will teach you HOW to...

Increase your feminine energy…

and transform your love life with my scientifically proven methods.

Activate your inner magnetic Diva….

so you can literally draw in abundance of love on every level.  

Activate your manifesting powers... 

so you can prepare and attract the love of your life.

Stay “dialed in” with yourself...

so you can stay clear and committed to your love goals.

Set your intentions with crystal clear focus,

purpose and clarity…. so you can reprogram your thoughts once and for all. 

Strengthen and spark your love intuition… 

so you can recognize and receive the love you absolutely deserve.

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THE Diva Love FormulA



As America's #1 Love Coach™ and Certified Love Transformer™, I’ve dedicated my career to my passion of helping successful women release what’s standing in their way of true love.


My #DivaLoveFormula combines my personal experiences with scientifically proven solutions to help you attract and prepare for the love of your life. My method will help you achieve lasting outcomes in the shortest amount of time possible. 

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Americas #1 Love coach ™

Shay Your Love Diva
#1 Love Coach SHAY
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