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Manifest Love Spa with Shay Your Love Diva.

Welcome to the Manifest Love Spa®! Similar to a luxury spa that offers everything that rejuvenates and lifts the soul, the Manifest Love Spa® is the safe place to go to gain access to all of Shay 'Your Love Diva' Levister's products, services, and expertise that come from over a decade of training, research and helping singles attract the love of their life!

Want to be more charismatic and confident in your love life? Tired of hurting and missing out on tender moments with your dream love experience? My name is Shay, and I help successful singles end chronic single-itis. After suffering from many lonely nights, heartbreaks and repeated failed relationships, I decided to re-write my destiny by figuring out how to break the pattern of choosing the same guy with a different face. I created the Manifest Love Spa® in order to help you avoid the pitfalls I experienced while learning how to find love on your own terms. My goal is to help a million women attract true love by 2030. Will you join the many who have upgraded their love lives with my proven scientific techniques?

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Join a loving community and get supported on your love journey!


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Join a loving community and get supported on your love journey!

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Why Join Me?

Successful professionals are the largest group of singles in America. Many single women are finding themselves frustrated with the broken dating game and want to give up on the dream of finding true love. They do not have time to go on endless dates while dealing with weirdos who just want a hookup. Successful women can fast track their dating results and avoid many of the pitfalls that women deal with in this new age of dating. Being single is a transition, not the end goal. Attracting a great guy and building a healthy marriage is the ultimate objective with studies revealing that when you marry the right person and have a happy marriage your quality of life, longevity, health and wealth all increase. Yes, you are successful on your own, but two great heads will always be better than one! Why join me? Your future self is calling you to do something different today so that you can create a love life beyond your wildest imagination!


Why Shay?

Shay has been where you are. She's had career success and financial success all while still being delusional with love. She's been divorced, heartbroken, a single mother and a survivor of abuse. Shay refused to settle for a life of pain and loneliness. She refused to play ‘trial and error’ with her love life. So, she did the research to get certified as a master love coach. Along with being certified in Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP), Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT) and trained in hypnotherapy, she used what she learned to attract her husband and soulmate with whom she has created the life she has always dreamed. For over a decade, Shay ‘Your Love Diva’ Levister also known as a Certified Love Transformer®, has been helping singles all over the globe heal childhood trauma, become their authentic selves and attract the love of their life. Shay doesn’t just give useless advice that goes through one ear and out the other. She changes lives and helps to create lasting results, fast. Her courses are tried and true to produce results in your life, only if you work it. Shay is well qualified to help you reach your relationship goals with a scientific approach combining the science of attraction, law of attraction and the art of dating.

Am I Talking to You?

Are you a successful single woman who is tired of being single, dealing with jerks or settling? You may be divorced. You may or may not have children. Either way, you do not have time for the swipe left/swipe right uncertainty that comes with online dating. You may have your doubts and fears over finding love, but you are willing to invest in yourself, take accountability for your life and be coached toward a better quality future.

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