What kind of women do rich men love?

December 15, 2019 | Blogging | By admin

I have interviewed many rich men who shared their insights into dating and relationships with me generously, and I appreciate their contribution to this article. Today you are in for a treat because I’m going to share these exciting findings with you!

• Rich men love women who have core confidence.

I know this sounds so corny – who doesn’t love confident women? Well, please let me explain. There are two different types of confident women: women who look confident & women who are actually confident. Perhaps you have heard of some female celebrities’ sad stories – they had good looks, money, fame and status, so they looked very confident. However, they committed suicide. That means they only had external confidence without core confidence. Clearly, external confidence and internal confidence are two different concepts. In general, rich men prefer women who have internal confidence (AKA core confidence). Having said that, it doesn’t mean external confidence isn’t important. As a matter of fact, external confidence can influence how you feel, so it can boost your internal confidence to some degree. What I’m trying to say is if you only have external confidence, that won’t help you attract wealthy men. So, now it’s time to show you how to build external confidence as well as core confidence. 1) Grooming: The more fastidious your grooming, the more confidence you project. The No. 1 indication that a woman’s morale is dropping is when grooming habit slip. Hence, you can start to seriously take care of your appearance from now on. I know this may cost money, yet there are various ways to get a nice result without breaking the bank. For instance, you could analyze your personal finances and identify some useless items which cost you money right now – perhaps you don’t even watch Netflix and you are paying for Netflix each month; you should cancel the gossip magazine subscription if you never have time to read any magazine. Just stop paying for these useless things and begin spending money in the right ways. If those useless things cost you $60 each month, now you may use $40 to invest in your grooming & you can still save $20 every month. This is clearly a good move. 2) Posture: People can tell from your posture if you are feeling like a winner or like a loser. Posture tells the world how to treat you, from sight alone. Posture talks all the time, even when you don’t talk. 3) Positive talk about self: Always choose your words carefully about yourself. If you spill milk, don’t say, “Oh, dummy!” 4) Positive self-talk: Always be on your side when you make a mistake. Never over-apologize to anyone.

• Rich men love elegant women.

These days elegant women are rare due to the influence of Instagram which promotes provocative women at all times. In actuality, rich men like elegant women rather than provocative women. What does true elegance look like? Let me explain. The No. 1 factor that an elegant woman pays attention to is her cleanliness. This means daily soap and water, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, and so forth. Clean is something every professional woman can afford, and it’s easy. Next, a truly elegant woman has a sophisticated style. Sophisticated clothes are smart, feminine, but not fussy. Please note that your clothing shows your personality. To dress like a hooker gets you mistaken for a hooker, not an elegant lady. As a matter of fact, sophisticated, tastefully body-conscious clothing on a woman is naturally attractive to a wealthy man. Remember: people oftentimes mingle with those who dress about the same way – that is an unspoken way to identify your type of person. The good news is you don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to dress elegantly. You can go to H&M.

• Rich men love intelligent women.

I spoke to a millionaire matchmaker a few years ago. She told me that the most sought-after quality in women is intelligence – most millionaire men want to meet intelligent women, yet that’s not a very common trait among women in her database. Interestingly, you can always grow your intelligence, no matter how intelligent you are. The best way to grow intelligence is to nurture your inner world by reading books, watching movies and having a wide variety of experiences which educate, entertain & enlighten you. The average person only has approximately 30,000 days on this planet; therefore, every moment is extremely important. It is reported that spending money on stuff is much less satisfying than spending money on experiences, as when you invest in new experiences, you become happier – the happiness generated by experiences lasts longer than the happiness generated by stuff.

• Rich men love happy women.

As I see it, the Attraction Principle is sparkling happiness. A lady who sparkles with happiness is the most attractive woman in rich men’s world. Let’s think about this: Why do you want a relationship with a wealthy man? Well, you want a relationship with a successful man in order to add happiness to your life. It is the same for millionaire men! They want a lady who adds happiness to their lives as well. If you are always complaining and moaning, “My mom did this…” and “My neighbor did that…” and “My boss can’t …” and on and on and on – a wealthy guy knows you are a loser who can never add happiness to his life because you are misery in shoes! Now let me ask you: What happens when you fall in love? You tingle with the excitement of happiness, right? Yet happiness itself attracts love, so you must learn to radiate happiness from now on. A happy woman generates a wattage of excitement about her. Research shows that people fall in love during excitement more than at any other time (Shay Levister’s research). When you generate your own wattage of excitement with happiness, you are a love magnet that attracts rich men naturally and organically. So, here is my recommendation – Use this affirmation every single day: “I’m so excited about my life. I welcome all the beauty, love and joy of life into me. I appreciate the beauty of life around me. What a wonderful day! What a beautiful life!” Even if you don’t feel that way at first, still choose to say that affirmation to yourself so as to rev up your wattage with the electricity of welcoming the beauty and joy of life into you. You can use this technique again and again to wash your thoughts, cleanse your spirit, bathe your hopes, and fill yourself with the electricity of life itself. What’s more, happiness is a precious gift you give others as well. We can give happiness in a cheerful disposition. This is as much a gift as gold, because if you have happiness, wealthy men feel you must be someone special. As a result, they want to be near you and get closer to you, hoping your happiness will rub off on them! Shay Levister is a Certified Love Transformer™ who helps successful single women find true love with scientifically proven techniques. Her new book is The Science of Attracting Love.

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