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Shay Your Date DIVA, is available to speak directly to your group or organization via her life-changing “The Science Attracting Love Tour.” The purpose of this tour (speaking series) is to create an uplifting environment in which participants will be educated, encouraged, empowered, and entertained to become a D.I.V.A. who is equipped to attract into her life a healthy, positive love experience. This starts by becoming what it is that you desire to attract as well as becoming a DIVA that is a man magnet who is irresistible from the inside out to the opposite sex. DIVA stands for Divine, Intelligent, Vivacious, and Aluring and this is further explained in detail in the seminar.

The goal of this tour is to inform, inspire, and ignite single women, teens, college women, and single moms to take control of their love lives and maximize their full potential.

Tour Schedule

We will release 2019 tour soon.


The “Science of Attracting Love” Tour is focused on four key objectives:



  • Inform women about the behaviors that lead to repeat heartbreaks, STD’s, single motherhood, and bitterness. Shay Levister, through a variety of interactive workshops, works to show women how their mindset and behavior create their experiences and how new understanding can drastically change these negative experiences.
  • Develop their aptitude to get over a broken heart, avoid “Don’t Wanters” (men who are poor relationship and marriage choices), select quality marriage material and date like a confident woman who values her heart, body and mind.


  • Provide women an old school advantage over the dating competition to attract the man of their dreams and keep him with informative and thought provoking dialogue.


  • Commission women to take control of their destinies, attract and create the love experience they desire and deserve.
  • Enable young ladies and woman who were never taught the secrets of the male psychology to make better choices in love, dating and relationships.
  • Equip women with the tools that allow them to get over past bitterness and pain to be able to receive the love God has for everyone to experience.


  • Encourage participants to preserve elements and tools obtained from seminars, workshops, and conference expedition.
  • Amuse individuals with invigorating activities.

Target : The target audience is professional single women, teens,college women, and single moms. Between the ages of 17 -47.