client Love STORIES

Bethany O'Leary

Hi Shay, 
I have come so far since our coaching session! I know it's been years and you probably don't remember me but I am now married and eight months pregnant!! He's a wonderful Christian man. I just wanted to say thank you for all your videos and advice and everything. I recommend every single woman struggling with love to work with you. You're amazing and beautiful and I have so much respect for you. I love seeing you and your family so happy. 


- Sincerely, Bethany

Shay is a masterful guide in the realms of the unconscious. With her assistance, you'll move energetic blocks you didn't even know you had! My session with her was very powerful.


Thank you for helping people. You are a blessing to many. Keep up the great work. Peace, love, and abundance to you! – Hey Fellow ATLien here.. can't express how much I love your message! You are... REAL!! 🙂


I've been meaning to tell you that shortly after