Our Services

Give me a few minutes of your time and I'll help you solve your most pressing love, dating and relationship challenges with undisputed strategies that will cause any man to fall for you within 30 days!

Transformational Sessions

A. 75 min Break Through Intensive: a DEEP dive, results-driven, intensive where we explore and breakthrough what’s holding you back in your dating & personal life. We will create a customized plan to help you attract the love you really want. *Recommended for 1st-time clients.* $249

B. Spiritual Reading of Your Past, Present, and Future: Let your Spirit Guides help you manifest the love you really want and receive the healing you need. Find out if your beloved is cheating, if love is on the horizon or what may be blocking you from meeting “The One.” Often a loved one who crossed over or your guardian angel may have information for you that I am gifted to hear and tap into. This is a highly intuitive, Spirit-guided reading. $175

C. Break Soul ties and negative attachments: Surefire way to let go of and heal your attachment to a person, behavior or thought that does not feel good and is keeping you stuck in pain. This one session will end your strong desire for the one who is breaking your heart and help you get on track towards the love you truly want. $145

D. 45 min Find Out If He Loves You Coaching Session (add-on): I’ll conduct an in-depth analysis of your current relationship and your love interest’s behavior. We will deep dive into your individual strengths and desires and help you get on track towards the love you really want either from your current interest or one who is on the horizon. $120

One on One Breakthrough Coaching

A. 55 Min Premium Coaching: weekly 1:1 coaching sessions via Zoom. $199

B. 55 Min Group Coaching: bi weekly every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month – 199/ month

Emotional Trauma Alchemy Healing Meditations

A. Breaking Attachments Meditation Bundle ($39)

  1. Healing and Breaking Soul Ties
  2. Getting over your ex
  3. Forgiveness meditation

B. 3 Pack Manifesting The Love You Want – Meditation Bundle Set ($49)

  1. Perfect Partner Meditation
  2. Breaking Down The barriers
  3. Balancing Masculine and Feminine energy
  4. Visualizing Your Future Meditation

C. Healing Traumas Blocking Love Meditation Pack ($39)

  1. Healing Parental Trauma
  2. Healing Sexual Trauma
  3. Healing Your Inner Child

Power Women Online Dating Bootcamp

A. Custom Online Dating Profile and 30 Min Interview Session: If you want to attract high-quality matches who want a commitment, your profile must be a magnet to those types of men. I will create a custom profile based on your dating goals that are strategically geared towards your ideal match. I’ll select your best photos, answer the most effective profile questions & create a custom dating profile that captures your unique voice in a way that truly stands out. I’ll also give you access to my detailed online dating made easy course to teach you how to successfully date online. $299

B. 2 hr Online Dating Profile Workshop (Held Twice a Month) – Together we will customize your profile and you will learn the ins and outs of dating. $99

20 min - Roadmap To Love Connection Blueprint

Your journey to live begins with a conversation with the #1 Love Coach and One & Only Love Transformer in the business. Via a Zoom call, we will assess where you are in your love journey, where you want to go, and create a customized plan on how to get you to your love goals. $45

Looking for love?

There’s an app for that.
And, no, we’re not talking about the typical swipe right, swipe left dating apps. Cup of Love is a completely new and innovative app created by Shay “Your Love Diva” Levister— a certified dating and relationship coach, author and NLP/RTT practitioner who has facilitated hundreds of successful love connections. Shay’s work digs deeper than surface attraction to help women attract the RIGHT men.

Her educational programs draw on the most effective aspects of Laws of Attraction, human behavior principles and Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP) to show people how to banish loneness and invite happiness and joy into their lives.

Now, she’s created Cup of Love as a companion to her coaching work and products. Whether you’re new to Shay’s methods or in the midst of creating lasting change in your life, Cup of Love will bolster your progress and compliment the excellent work you’re already doing to find that special someone!