Online Dating VS Offline Dating: Which way is better?

November 20, 2019 | Blogs | By admin

Online dating was a taboo topic one decade ago, but today it has become mainstream already. For most people, it’s probably the only way to find a partner because more and more individuals stare at their smart phones all the time – offline interactions with people have become rare these days. However, some people argue that online dating is risky, so they recommend offline dating. But which way is actually better?
  • Online dating is just like making passive income.
If I can use a business analogy, I would say Internet dating is like making passive income. By that I mean when you join a dating site, the website will automatically send qualified leads to you without you making an effort. Therefore, it’s just like making money while you are asleep. By contrast, if you don’t join a dating website, you have to make things happen by yourself because meeting people in real life requires your effort. Let’s say you don’t use Internet dating platforms, so you entirely rely on community-based methods when it comes to looking for love. In this case, you can probably meet 1 or 2 qualified candidates per year if you don’t have good dating skills. And that’s a lot of people’s reality. Nevertheless, when you join an Internet dating platform, you can meet 5-10 qualified candidates per week, which is obviously the fast track to finding love.
  • Online dating shouldn’t be the only way to find love.
As I see it, Internet dating should only be an add-on and shouldn’t be the only way to look for love because generally, candidates on dating websites aren’t high-quality leads. Please let me explain. Frankly, a high-value person doesn’t need to use a dating site because this individual is probably surrounded by qualified leads in real life already. Can you imagine Christian Grey on a dating website? Probably no. Statistics show that most wealthy candidates who use Internet dating services are on sugar daddy dating sites to look for arrangements rather than traditional relationships. I’m not going to judge that, but what I’m saying is if you are interested in finding a meaningful, long-term, serious relationship which will lead to marriage, Internet dating shouldn’t be your primary way to look for love, especially when you’d like to marry a successful guy that you admire. Having said that, I do acknowledge that there are some decent millionaire dating websites on the market and they are doing well. But that’s a small niche, meaning relying on a millionaire dating site to send you qualified candidates isn’t a smart move because in order to find quality, quantity actually matters when it comes to online dating.
  • Offline dating is the best way to hone your social skills.
If you would like to improve your social skills and charisma, offline dating is the ideal way because it gives you unlimited opportunities to practice your conversation skills – this is very important in dating because a relationship is a long-term conversation with someone you love. Unlike online dating which sends you qualified candidates automatically, offline dating requires you to be proactive at all times. That means you have to go to parties, attend social events and meet people proactively. Otherwise, you are leaving your love life to chance. You may want to read some books or study some online programs about dating, communication and human dynamics before you try offline dating (recommendation: The Science of Attracting Love by Shay Levister). In this way, you will be equipped with the right knowledge and skills which will directly lead to competence. Only when your confidence is backed up by competence can you take a risk and get the reward. Also, offline dating is a comprehensive method which involves building three layers of confidence: First of all, you need to build surface-level confidence. That is all about the way you talk, the way you walk, how you carry yourself, and so on. Build a wardrobe that gives you surface-level confidence which is actually very important. When you have surface-level confidence, you feel good about yourself immediately. Second, you should build lifestyle-level confidence. By that I mean you have to build a beautiful lifestyle, e.g. having some interesting hobbies, going out with different friends, doing meaningful work as a career, etc. Think a matrix: when one area of life doesn’t work, you still have many other areas in your life that actually work for you. Hence, your lifestyle-level confidence is paramount. Last but not least, you must build core confidence (yes, I said “must”, not “should”). Core confidence refers to how much you actually, positively, truly love yourself unconditionally. No matter what happens, you still love yourself 100%. That’s called radical self-love. Every night before going to bed, you can say this to yourself in front of the mirror, “I love you. Thank you.” Every morning after getting up, you can say this to yourself in front of the mirror, “You and I are the best teammates.” Use these affirmations on a daily basis, and you will build core confidence over time. When you have built three layers of confidence, you are ready for offline dating which gives you a lot of real opportunities to attract true love. This is very different from online dating which gives you many superficial opportunities on the Internet.
  • Offline dating can be challenging in the modern-day society.
Because the modern-day society is best characterized by smart phones, everyone is looking at their phone all the time. As a consequence, whenever you go to a party, you will notice that people are staring at their phones instead of looking at you. And that can be a problem. Now I’d like you to be creative and use modern technologies to your advantage. Next time when you attend a party and talk to a guy, I want you to talk about a vacation that you’ve recently enjoyed and then you take out your phone. Just say this to him, “Look at these photos on my Facebook page. I took these photos while I was in Hawaii. I had a great time there.” Now this guy is looking at your Facebook page, so he will ask whether he can add you as a friend on Facebook, if he is interested in you. Although you’ve made the first move, he will think he has made the first move because he has seized the perfect opportunity during the interaction. Remember: while looking for love, women are supposed to give men opportunities frequently so that men will have the courage to pursue women. It is your job to give men opportunities to chase you! In conclusion, a switched-on woman can use everything, anything to her advantage, no matter it’s online dating or offline dating. Ideally, you would be well-advised to use both online dating and offline dating in this day and age because you should totally maximize your chance of getting the guy you want. Now I’ve analyzed the pros and cons of online dating as well as offline dating for you, so you can make a decision based on the above-mentioned analysis. More useful information like this can be found in Teen D.I.V.A.s (by Shay Levister, certified love coach with more than 12 years’ experience in this profession).

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