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does this sound familiar?

How am i supposed to find someone to date...

when Covid-19 is in full effect  AND

my friends aren’t setting me up anymore!”

Enter America’s #1 Love Coach™, Shay Your Love Diva™ to the rescue! Shay has been coaching singles on finding love online and offline for almost two decades. She has been responsible for hundreds of long-term relationships, engagements, and marriages.



Coaching + Sessions with Shay



Are you a serial dater who gets your hopes up time and again, only for it to lead to inevitable disappointment? Or maybe you just can't seem to find anyone to date that's actually worth your time? 

If you're ready to heal, discover and attract your perfect partner, then this is where you should begin. 

This comprehensive extended session that allows me to assess your true needs.  

  • Spiritual Reading - Dive in DEEP to identify and remove any blocks or limitations that have been set in your intimate love/relationships, your self-love/personal wellness and/or familial love & friendships.

  • Love Discovery - gives you the tools you need to understand your own power and make the relationship between you and YOU the primary relationship in your life, forever. 

  • Breakthrough Mastery - get you back on track by healing past traumas, breaking soul-ties, refocusing your mindset and renewing your energy in order to eliminating any existing limiting beliefs you may have about yourself that have been sabotaging your efforts to find the right partner.

Please note, this comprehensive session is available to FIRST TIME CLIENTS ONLY.

$249      |      75 minutes


group sessions

Transformational Personalized love Coaching

The Love Coaching collective


LTC is our intimate group coaching program for single women ready to level up your love life. Healing, learning and breakthroughs are all amplified when we share this journey together in a safe, loving community of women who all “get it.”


This one-time session will empower you to create the confidence and increase your feminine energy that you crave in your love life (and beyond!).

What you get:
** Transformative healing & coaching session
** Online community for support, connection, and celebration as you take this journey together
**Q+A safe space to share your ah-ha moments, ask Shay anything & receive personalized answers, and interact with other women sharing the journey..

$149      |      120 minutes


members only sessions

Love Coaching

Four {4} Powerful Transformational Healing Sessions

Find permanent relief and freedom from any person, behavior or thought that does not feel good, that holds you back or keeps you stuck in pain. If you find yourself obsessed over an abusive ex, an old flame, or a person you had an emotional affair/connection to, this one on one session will end that stronghold over you. No more vicious cycles repeating themselves and causing you to sabotage your future possibilities. No more absorption in the tragedy of lost love or falsely romanticizing abusive/unfulfilling relationships from your past. The addictive thoughts and dreams that never seem to cease will come to a complete halt. You will no longer be drawn towards that person or thing that is getting in the way of your best self and truest happiness. You will finally be able to heal, let go and get on track towards the love you truly desire and deserve. 

Four (4) X  55 minutes sessions included with Boss Diva University Membership

Digital Dating Made Easy

  • With over 100 million singles looking for love online and on mobile apps, we know that finding your ONE in 100 million is like finding a needle in a digital haystack (It’s overwhelming to most). But with Shay, you can attract high-quality, commitment-ready matches in just 30 days!

Together we will:

  • Custom create an irresistible online dating profile that captures your authentic self on the platform of your choice based on your dating goals!

  • Teach you how to attract his or her eye with the best pictures strategically geared to your ideal match. 

  • Help you respond to emails and texts to keep him interested and hooked.

  • PLUS you’ll also get premium access to Shay’s Digital Dating Made Easy course which includes System, Online Training Video Modules, Blog, App, Book, All 3 Meditation Bundles 

Included with Boss Diva University Membership


To ensure there are no hidden blocks to love in your home, Shay offers a virtual/in-person evaluation as well as one-on-one date prep sessions to get you date-ready!

Included with Boss Diva University Membership


Shay is a masterful guide in the realms of the unconscious. With her assistance your move energetic blocks you didn’t even know you had! My session with her was very powerful.

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