How can a professional woman find a partner in record time?

November 14, 2019 | Blogs | By admin

Most professional women are very busy – they are always working hard, looking for better career opportunities and building their professional network. Consequently, a lot of single professional women find it very difficult to attract love. However, you don’t have to be one of them because there are many ways to find a partner in record time!
  • Do the group version of activities that you already do.
Let’s say you like dancing. Instead of dancing to the music at home, you should join a dance class (e.g. Salsa and Tango) where you can meet many like-minded people, including men. For instance, Jennifer is an accountant with a very busy job. In her spare time, she likes painting. After consulting with certified dating coach Shay Levister (author of The Science of Attracting Love), Jennifer has decided to join a painting class in her local area. Now Jennifer is dating a successful entrepreneur who absolutely adores her. They met each other in the painting class as they share the same hobby. So, if you like cooking, maybe you should join a cooking class. If you like learning a foreign language, you should totally join a language class! When you meet a large number of like-minded people, you are much more likely to meet someone suitable because you already have something in common with potential candidates.
  • Find a partner by design.
My best friend Nina met her partner by design & here is her story: Nina is a lawyer with a successful career. When she was in her early 30s, she wanted to find a partner because she was keen to have children. Therefore, she went to many parties to socialize with different people, including men. When she was at a party organized by her cousin. She noticed a very good-looking guy sitting next to her cousin. It turns out that this guy is her cousin’s new neighbor. When Nina and her cousin were in the toilet, Nina asked her cousin, “What does the guy in a white jacket do?” “He is a senior accountant,” her cousin replied. Ten minutes later, Nina joined their conversation and said, “Yes, we oftentimes work until 6pm because our law firm is a very busy place, especially when we are dealing with accounting law. You know, a good accountant’s job isn’t doing bookkeeping; their real job is to lower their clients’ taxes and reduce their clients’ risk.” Now the good-looking guy became interested in Nina immediately because Nina mentioned “accounting law”. Then they began to talk to each other and exchanged their phone numbers. Two days later, that senior accountant asked Nina out for a date. As I’m typing this article now, Nina and the hot guy are happily married. They are expecting their first child. Obviously, Nina made the first move. But her husband thought he made the first move because he initiated the interaction with Nina and asked her out for a date. That’s a beautiful love life by design, not by default. So, it’s time for you to use this method to find a partner! By the way, you can even use this method to meet business partners, land high-quality clients and expand your network because it’s a universal method in human dynamics 😊
  • Interview someone you admire (and you’ll probably find a partner as a result).
I’d like to share another true story with you. Valerie is a lecturer teaching International Business at university. When she was in her late 20s, she was single and looking to find a partner fast. However, most single men in her life were not suitable, as Valerie was looking for a successful guy that she actually admires. Valerie secretly admires a local businessman Vania who is a self-made entrepreneur. Vania has a well-known company in the city center; therefore, Valerie sent an email to Vania via the company’s website: Dear Vania, Thank you for reading my email. I teach International Business at XYZ University and recently I have started a blog about business & entrepreneurship. Because I’d like to write an article about how to become a successful self-made entrepreneur, I’m planning on interviewing someone like you. I’d appreciate it if we could meet somewhere near your office so that I can conduct the interview. I’m sure the interview will last no longer than 30 minutes and the article will reach all of my previous and current students from XYZ university. Apparently, this is a good PR opportunity for your company as well. Looking forward to your early reply. Thanks. Yours faithfully, Valerie Three days later, Valerie received a response from Vania – he was happy to do the interview in a coffeehouse near his office in the city center. Valerie was thrilled, so she dressed up perfectly and did the interview with Vania. Vania was very impressed by Valerie’s beauty, intelligence, wisdom and professionalism; hence, he asked Valerie out for a date one week later. Now Valerie and Vania are engaged and their wedding will take place in June next year. It is clear that if you are an ambitious professional woman, you can do something similar: start a blog and interview a successful guy that you actually admire. You never know what will happen 😊 Remember: Business owners and entrepreneurs are always looking for PR opportunities for their brands, so when you want to interview them, usually they are happy to meet you in person for the interview. Also, when you show your admiration like that, it’s clearly a compliment, so it’s hard for them to say no to you. I think Valerie’s method is unique, smart and very effective when it comes to finding a partner. What do you think?
  • Crash a party and find a partner.
If you are an adventurous woman, you should totally try this method. Don’t wait until someone invites you to a party. Just create the opportunity for yourself by crashing a party this weekend! Do some research online and find out where upscale parties happen this Friday night. And you should be there, too! Dress up and follow the crowd. Usually, an upscale party is organized in a hotel’s ballroom. Actually, if you dress very well and join a group of people as you walk into the ballroom, chances are nobody will question who you are. Of course, if someone asks you to leave, you can still leave. It’s okay. Remember: You don’t care what strangers think of you. Nine times out of ten, you will be able to crash the party successfully. Once you are there, you can use Nina’s method which has already been described in this article and get a guy to be interested in you. In this way, you are not leaving your love life to chance because you will put the odds in your favor. Always remember: waiting for destiny to bring you true love is just like staking your financial future on the lottery. Sadly, the lottery is a pretty bad way to get rich. So, if you are determined to find a partner in record time, it’s time to take some real action and make great things happen! To find out more inspiring ideas like this, you may check out Meditations for Healing and Attracting Love Set (by Shay Levister, certified dating coach).

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