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Emotional  Alchemy Healing Meditations

Breaking Attachments Meditation Bundle 



Healing and Breaking Soul Ties

Getting Over Your Ex

Forgiveness Meditation


Emotional  Alchemy Manifesting Meditations

3 Pack Manifesting The Love You Want – Meditation Bundle Set ($49)


Perfect Partner Meditation

Breaking Down The Barriers

Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energy

Visualizing Your Future Meditation

Emotional Trauma Alchemy Healing Meditations

Healing Traumas Blocking Love Meditation Pack 



Healing Parental Trauma

Healing Sexual Trauma

Healing Your Inner Child


The Science of Attracting Love E-Book

Healing Traumas Blocking Love E-Book



Ever the bridesmaid but NEVER the bride? Do you have limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in fear of being hurt once again if you enter a committed relationship?  This book is a drastic change from many other dating advice books and is sure to produce positive results in your love life!


The Science of Attracting Love With Positive Mind Transformation Bundle Set

Get everything in a bundle


Get all my meditation guides and the e-book in one bundle


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