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About D.I.V.A. University

How does Shay qualify to help you win at life and relationships?

Shay Your Love Diva has spoken around the world and has also coached several celebrity clients helping them attract love. Shay has a pre-medical biology degree from Florida State University, years as a top-performing pharmaceutical sales representative where Shay’s gained knowledge from top-rated doctors and has personally gone on 100 dates in three months to discover the hidden secrets of dating. Shay has helped thousands of people find love and happiness. Now, Shay is on a mission to help 1 million singles attract love. You’re about to learn everything you need to know to attract your husband in one year or less without settling. Even if your picker is off, and you’re used to picking out the wrong men to date. This coaching-focused program will provide you with all of the tools you need to find your husband and I’ll be honest. Once you start implementing them…you’ll find him FAST.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Enroll in D.I.V.A. University

The #DivaLoveMethod System

This includes 100 Audio & Visual Clips of the Exact System I used to Attract the Love Life I Craved

The Positive Mind Meditation Vault

This vault of meditations and affirmations will give you everything you need to keep on top of your new hyper-magnetic mindset.

Affirmation Dating Guides, Journals, and Workbooks

Get the dating guides, journals, and workbooks that will help you change your mindset and stay transformed.

The Science of Attracting Love Guide

The attraction is love AND science. Learn the basics here and you’ll be able to start practicing in your love life ASAP.

30-Minute Kickoff Call With Online Dating Profile Advice

We’re here for you. And we want to help make sure your dating profile is in tip top shape. This 30-minute kick off call is designed to do just that.

Group-Coaching Bi-Weekly

These bi-weekly coaching calls are the most valuable tool you’ll have in your arsenal. You’ll get direct access to me and my team. That’s worth thousands by itself!

But WAIT! If You Sign Up Now…We’ve Got WAY More For You

Check Out These 3 Amazing Life-Changing Bonuses:
The Alpha Female Blueprint For Finding Love

If you’re a savvy business professional, this bonus is for you. You’ll learn how to be strong and powerful AND how to find a man worthy of your time.

Release Therapy Healing Sessions

Therapy sessions that help you move on to a bigger and brighter future. You’ll break old habits, old bonds and move on!

Free Live Event Tickets: For Events Twice Per Year

You’ll receive 2 Free Live Event Tickets Twice per Year…Plus You’ll Receive Discounted Pricing for any additional tickets you need!