Cup Of Love

Your journey to love begins today!


Looking for love? There’s an app for that.

And, no, we’re not talking about the typical swipe right, swipe left dating apps. Cup of Love is a completely new and innovative app created by Shay “Your Love Diva” Levister— a certified dating and relationship coach, author and NLP/RTT practitioner who has facilitated hundreds of successful love connections. Shay’s work digs deeper than surface attraction to help women attract the RIGHT men.

Her educational programs draw on the most effective aspects of Laws of Attraction, human behavior principles and Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP) to show people how to banish loneness and invite happiness and joy into their lives.

Now, she’s created Cup of Love as a companion to her coaching work and products. Whether you’re new to Shay’s methods or in the midst of creating lasting change in your life, Cup of Love will bolster your progress and compliment the excellent work you’re already doing to find that special someone!

Cup of Love gives you:

  • Daily Affirmations—just what you need to stay in the vibrating of attracting real love
  • Easy Access to Homework, Journal Work, Meditations, Quizzes and More—No more excuses! Now you can work on healing love blocks right from your phone or mobile device!
  • More Guidance and Education—video tutorials to guide you when interacting in the dating world
  • Quick Access to Shay’s Store—browse and purchase additional products, books or guides right from your smart phone or device.

Download Cup of Love from the Google Play store today and put yourself on the path to finding the perfect mate—with Shay Levister’s proven techniques and tips!