You don't settle in life...and you won't settle in Love!...


Learn my

scientifically-proven method 

to attracting the love of your life! #DestinationHusband™







Boss Diva University is our high-profile, high-caliber program is reserved for highly successful women who are willing to commit 12-weeks and make a substantial investment in themselves to attract their soulmate in 30 days.



All Boss Diva University applicants must complete a questionnaire to help us determine the best approach for your needs and love goals.



After you complete the questionnaire, you may book your 

BOSS DIVA Discovery Session for $275 with Shay.

Shay Your Love Diva

Certified love transformer™ 

It's time to change things

once and for all!

The #DivaLoveFormula will release your inner DIVA so you’ll grow to be more self aware, clear on your perfect match, and confident that you deserve The One!


Shay’s professional insight will bring objectivity, science, and guidance to your dating scenarios and she’ll prevent you from falling into old, damaging habits so you can attract and KEEP your soulmate.

I am smart
i am successful
i refuse to settle


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BOSS Diva University is right for you if…

You desire to meet your husband within 1 year.

You're a leader in your career  and gross $100K+ annually

You're serious about transforming your love life and expect top quality not discounts.

You're positive, open-minded, work well with others and are coachable.

You're willing to invest in your own self-improvement

You want a hands-on, personalized & customized experience on this journey to ensure that you stay on track and increase your chances of success.

does this sound like you?

You don't settle in life...and you won't settle in Love!...


And I have the formula

Finding love is a science

We heal and remove our love blocks​

We fall in love with ourselves first.

We align with the love we want to attract

We date to discover ourselves,

not a man.

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We receive our husband


foster a healthy relationship with our soul match

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Core Need

Have you been single for a very long time and you just do not want to do this life alone anymore, but you are afraid of choosing the wrong match? 

Is your biological clock ticking and you are ready to settle down and have a family within the next 2-3 years?